Wind Energy

ComSite Construction has completed over 1,500 wind energy projects in North America and internationally.

Our experienced technicians and in-house meteorologist combine their technical expertise with experienced leadership from project managers to provide accurate and reliable wind resource assessment services.

Furthermore, we have completed many post-install wind farm radio frequency site surveys to either validate or disprove non-participant home owner complaints of interference from the wind farms.

Need to get up to speed (no pun intended) on wind energy? We offer training, and you’ll find training modules below.


Our wind energy site assessment services can help save money. The selection of a wind turbine site is crucial to the profitability of your wind project. The availability of wind, transmission lines, value of energy to be produced, cost of land acquisition, land use considerations, and environmental impact of construction and operations can have a major impact on your potential profits.

Securing the right site and fully exploiting its wind resource is critical to the long-term profitability of your project. If you secure an excellent site with sufficient grid capacity and fully exploit its wind resource, you will guarantee that your business will profit from the power you generate.

Typical site location services include:

  • Site Visits
  • Evaluation of Topography
  • Proximity to Power Lines
  • Transmission Grid Studies
  • Land Use and Ownership
  • Compilation of Existing Wind Data
  • Environmental Studies and Restrictions
  • Permitting Requirements
  • Site Location
  • Site Assessment
  • MET Tower Installation & Monitoring
  • Data Collection
  • In-House Meteorologist Data Analysis
  • Radio Frequency Interference Studies
  • Acoustical Modeling Studies
  • Microwave Path Interference Studies
  • FAA Flight Path Studies
  • Project Management

One of the most important steps in the development of a potential wind site is the collection of accurate and verifiable wind speed and direction data. ComSite Construction has been coordinating the designing and installing meteorological (MET) towers, sensors and data loggers for the collection of accurate and verifiable wind data since the industry was just in its infancy.We don’t just guess at site selection, we collect critical data such as the following:

  • Site description including tower location and configuration information
  • Comparison with wind data from large area maps
  • Data recovery rates by date, time, wind speed, and wind direction
  • Mean and maximum wind speeds at all measurement heights by date, time, and direction
  • Mean hourly temperature data
  • Wind speed probability plot with associated Weibull Distribution
  • Monthly and cumulative wind roses for all measurement heights
  • Wind direction frequency distribution
  • Probability and cumulative density functions of wind speed
  • Mean wind shear values according to time, speed, and direction
  • Correlations of wind speeds at all measurement heights
  • Wind power density by measurement height, date, and time
  • Turbulence intensity for all measurement heights and directions
  • Core data summary according to measurement height and hour

If you’re planning on starting a wind energy project, having the right resources and experience are important factors to ensure a successful project. Our project management team has over 347 years of combined experience in managing wind energy projects. Our professional staff can assist you with project pre-planning, project coordination, cost-planning, environmental impact studies, construction management and legal agreements.

Do you need quality Met Tower Installation? ComSite Construction is recognized as a leader in meteorological tower installations. Our experienced technicians have installed over hundreds of Met towers in 35 states and 5 international locations.

We have several experienced installation crews that are available and trained to install in a variety of climates and in remote locations. We adhere to strict quality control procedures and installation documentation so that all of our tower installations meet or exceed industry standards.

The towers are equipped with sensors and data loggers to collect wind data at various heights to ensure suitable wind speeds for wind energy projects. Our crews have installed tilt-up Met towers up to 250 feet. Multiple anchor methods have been used to secure the towers based on the ground conditions and terrain. We also perform custom installations of specialized sensors, wildlife diversion, fencing and FAA approved lighting.