An expression you might hear from project managers is “Never enough time to do it right, always enough time to do it over.” Training is the process by which people learn to do the job right. A job done right is done efficiently and safely, too. That’s why part of OSHA’s definition of a “qualified person” includes sufficient training.

We offer several self-study training modules related to the antenna industry. The antenna is the first element of the input system to any wireless signal receiving system (for broadcast systems, it’s the final element); the rest of the system works with the signal provided by the antenna. Antenna system work done by poorly trained individuals can result in poor communication system performance overall.

We provide instruction via self-study training modules. While classroom training is arguably better, it does require scheduling specific times to travel to a classroom, participate in the class, and travel back. Often, that’s just not practical, so the training doesn’t occur. The training module approach solves this problem.

Our instructors and subject matter experts work in the industry every day, and have many years of experience applying the knowledge in these modules. They don’t simply spew back abstract theory they read from a book. They relate to the student the concepts and practices they have successfully put to use in the field on real projects.

When calculating the ROI of training, don’t forget to address the cost of rework when the job isn’t done to industry standards due to a training gap. With proper training, you’ll enable your crews to do the work without incurring this cost.