Tower Repairs

ComSite Construction crews typically are mobilized onsite within twenty four hours. We have the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to get the job done effectively, efficiently, and safely. ComSite Construction has extensive experience inspecting, repairing, maintaining, and installing the towers produced by all major tower manufacturers. Our tower inspectors are thoroughly trained in tower engineering principles, tower inspection techniques, and tower safety.


tower_repair2After high winds, earthquake, or other event, minor damage may be visible. The tower seems fine, other than that minor damage. So the temptation is to just wait until the next scheduled inspection.

However, the damage you don’t see could portend catastrophic failure. Remember the Titanic, anyhow? No apparent damage at first, bue we all know how that turned out.

So, what should you do?

  • Contact us. We’ll mobilize a crew to inspect your tower and repair as needed. You can e-mail us or call 888-684-6248 .
  • Secure the area. Cordone the area around the tower with yellow warning tape. Move vehicles as far from the tower as practical.
  • Alert personnel. Put everyone on alert that the tower may be unsafe.
  • Monitor. Assign someone to watch (and listen to) the tower around the clock. If possible, install vibration monitoring on the tower.

We don’t just show up, bolt a part back on, and call it a day. Not all damage is visible. Our first task will be to address anything that is critical to tower integrity and/or personnel safety. Once those items are addressed, we look at the known vulnerabilities to see where the actual damage is. Then we fix what’s wrong. If it can’t be fixed economically, we’ll discuss what your options are rather than just stick you with a bill and drive off into the sunset.

The most vulnerable items are:

  • Tower shaft (requires visual inspection first, then a climbing inspection if safe).
  • Guy wires.
  • Guy wire dampers.
  • Foundations.
  • Lighting system.
  • Elevator.

If warranted, we will peform:

  • A vertical alignment check.
  • Sweep and line testing.
  • Antenna adjustment.
  • Cable tests.
  • Any other testing, as indicated by conditions, to guard you against loss of operations and other economic damage.

Since a crew is coming out anyhow, consider reducing mobilization costs by having other work done. For example, if it’s close to a quarterly inspection time why not have our crew do that? Or perhaps you need other services performed, such as an antenna adjustment, TDR testing of cables, or antenna testing.

Aside from this emergency visit, we can save you money on an ongoing basis. How? By putting your antenna inspections, line inspections, and tower inspections on the same program. We offer specialized services that allow you to know the condition of your antenna system:

  • Inspections. Our standard inspections for maintenance include: a site visit with climb, visual inspection including foundations, hardware check, inventory, and color photo-documentation reports.
  • Sweeps and Line Testing. Our personnel are trained in TDR and FDR transmission line and antenna testing with a variety of sweep testing devices. Documentation is provided in chart or report form for reference and analysis. All testing is done with either an Anritsu Sitemaster (TM) or equivalent machine by a factory trained specialist. Custom sweep testing and documentation is also available.
  • Reports. Our extensive customizable reports are accurate and easy to read. Inspection reports, engineering reports, structural analysis reports, and installation detail documentation are just a few of the professional reports that we provide. These professional reports provided are bound, extensive, and easy to read. All antenna tower site reports and foundations analysis reports have detailed color photos.

xtower-installation.jpg.pagespeed.ic.fqjWCP359yYou’ll have other maintenance and repair needs other than this emergency visit. Why not have the experts fix what’s wrong? We offer several maintenance and repair services, to keep your antenna systems and their structures running reliably:

  • Analysis and repair.
  • Foundation inspection and analysis.
  • Installation.
  • Plumbing and tensioning of guyed towers.
  • Structural analysis.
  • Structural upgrades.
  • System decommissioning.
  • Tower and foundation maintenance.
  • Tower removal, where needed.
  • Troubleshooting.

Many types of events can damage a tower. These fall into two broad categories:

  • Acute. This kind of damage occurs immediately. Earthquakes and high winds are the most common causes here. Microbursts are related to high winds, and if they have been noted in your area your tower may have been affected. Other, less common, causes include being struck by a heavy vehicle or suffering multiple lightning strikes. Many people think because a tower is metal and grounded, lighting can’t hurt it. But the reality is the tower is conducting millions of volts of electricity during a lightning strike. Even the best designed lightning protection system is no guarantee that something won’t be vaporized by the high energy contained in lightning.
  • Chronic. This kind of damage occurs over time. Normal wear and tear from the weather is the most common cause. If your tower hasn’t been on an inspection schedule, please contact us or call 877-202-3963 to discuss putting it on one.

If you have an emergency inspection or repair situation, do not wait. Unlike wine and cheese, tower damage doesn’t get better with age. You need to fix it as soon as possible. Please contact us right away or call 888-684-6248. For after hours emergencies, call 864-357-0284. We look forward to working with you.