Tower Painting

ComSite Construction’s tower painters are certified in tower painting and thoroughly trained in tower safety. They will correctly prep and correctly paint your tower. This means a lasting, quality job done safely and efficiently.





To comply with FAA requirements, a tower may need to be painted FAA Orange and FAA White latex paint. Even if FAA requirements don’t apply, you may wish to pain the tower for aesthetic reasons and to protect it from corrosion.

With time, the elements of nature take their toll on the tower. Consequently, you will want to conduct regular maintenance on that tower–not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for compliance issues. Painting is part of this maintenance.

We don’t just slap paint on your tower and call it a day. Proper painting involves multiple stages:

  • Peparation. This typically involves removing rust and loose paint.
  • Inspection. Now that your tower is nice and clean, qualified persons can inspect it before painting. This entails checking the nuts and bolts, guy lines, and appurtenances. During this phase, our certified tower climbers take note of any potential failure items and immediately notify the foreman.
  • Remediation approval. We provide a written report is provided to the tower owner for remediation approval.
  • Remediation. Normally, tower owners approve the needed remediation and want that work done prior to painting. That’s what this stage is about.
  • Paint application. No explanation needed, here….
  • Paint inspection. We check our work to make sure that it meets our standards.

Below are before and after pictures of a job recently completed. As you will notice, the guy wire appeared to be deificient and there was considerable rust.The guy wires were replaced, some nuts and bolts were replaced, and the loose rust was removed. A rust inhibitor primer coat was applied and the final paint coat was applied.

To schedule your tower to be repainted and inspected, please do not hesitate to contact us or call 888-684-6248. We look forward to working with you. All paint is lead free and environmentally friendly. A MSDS sheet will be provided upon request.