Inspection Services

ComSite Construction has extensive experience inspecting, repairing, maintaining, and installing the towers produced by all major tower manufacturers. Our tower inspectors are thoroughly trained in tower engineering principles, tower inspection techniques, and tower safety.

As many tower owners know, inadequate maintenance results in a drastic reduction of the serviceable life of a tower. In addition to increasing total cost of ownership via unnecessary additional replacement costs, this creates operational interruptions. So obviously, you want to keep a tower in place for its entire design life rather than pay for multiple replacements during that time.

But another factor arises, here. How do you know a tower is no longer serviceable? Waiting for a piece of it to fall off is never a good idea. In fact, neither is inspecting with failure detection in mind. What you want, instead, are scheduled inspections that reveal the need for life-extending repairs or maintenance. That’s how you’ll get the most out of your capital investment while also producing the least interruption to operations.

Loose members, inadequate guy tensioning, improper positioning of antennas, feed line displacement, improper damping, and other factors can result in a structure that doesn’t have its intended structural strength. Proper inspection and preventive maintenance help ensure the integrity of the structure, and are conditions of warranty.

After any severe loading condition (high winds, earthquake, vehicle strike, etc.), you should have an inspection done. You should also have an inspection done after installation (or as part of the installation contract). An initial inspection gives you a baseline; it establishes the initial condition data for comparison to data from subsequent inspections, allowing delta analysis and trending.

To maintain operational continuity, you need quarterly inspections. Some items don’t need to be inspected each quarter, however. You can inspect some items at the first annual inspection and at some period after that (varies by item). You can inspect some others at one-year frequencies and others at three-year frequencies. If an item is to be inspected quarterly, it’s inspected regardless of whether the inspection is also an annual inspection (you don’t skip every fourth period for a quarterly inspection item). So one-year and three-year include quarterly inspections.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Quarterly: Tower shaft (visual), guy wires (visual), guy wire dampers (visual), foundations, lighting system.
  • First year: Tower shaft climbing, vertical alignment, guy wires (check initial tension), guy wire dampers, lighting system, elevator.
  • One-year frequency: Tower shaft climbing, vertical alignment.
  • Three-year frequency: Guy wires (check initial tension), guy wire dampers.

Viewing this from the ongoing scheduled maintenance perspective, your inspector is going to conduct an inspection each quarter. Once per year, those inspections will also include a vertical alignment check and climbing the tower to inspect the tower shaft. And every three years, those inspections will also include checking the guy wire tension and the guy wire dampers.

The chart below shows another way to view the recommended inspection intervals (items with shorter intervals, e.g., quarterly, are assumed to be inspected at longer intervals, e.g., annually):


We can save you money, by putting your antenna inspections, line inspections, and tower inspections on the same program. We offer specialized services that allow you to know the condition of your antenna system:

  • Inspections. Our standard inspections for maintenance include: a site visit with climb, visual inspection including foundations, hardware check, inventory, and color photo-documentation reports.
  • Sweeps and Line Testing. Our personnel are trained in TDR and FDR transmission line and antenna testing with a variety of sweep testing devices. Documentation is provided in chart or report form for reference and analysis. All testing is done with either an Anritsu Sitemaster (TM) or equivalent machine by a factory trained specialist. Custom sweep testing and documentation is also available.
  • Reports. Our extensive customizable reports are accurate and easy to read. Inspection reports, engineering reports, structural analysis reports, and installation detail documentation are just a few of the professional reports that we provide. These professional reports provided are bound, extensive, and easy to read. All antenna tower site reports and foundations analysis reports have detailed color photos.

xtower-installation.jpg.pagespeed.ic.fqjWCP359yWhy not have the experts fix what’s wrong? We offer several maintenance and repair services, to keep your antenna systems and their structures running reliably:

  • Analysis and repair.
  • Foundation inspection and analysis.
  • Installation.
  • Plumbing and tensioning of guyed towers.
  • Structural analysis.
  • Structural upgrades.
  • System decommissioning.
  • Tower and foundation maintenance.
  • Tower removal, where needed.
  • Troubleshooting.

If you buy a high-quality tower and have it properly installed, why should it ever deteriorate or even fail? Well, think of where that tower’s located. It’s outside and exposed to the elements. Over time (and we know about how much time, thus the recommended schedule), a tower develops such problems as:

  • Loose members.
  • Loose fasteners.
  • Reduced integrity of structural components.
  • Reduction of guy tensioning to below the necessary level.
  • Change of antenna positioning to suboptimal.
  • Position change in feed lines.

Additionally, design considerations that seemed adequate at the time may be field-proven not to be. While the original decision, on say, damping, made sense given the available data, new information from actual conditions may show that more robust design cost needs to be incurred after all. The only way to discover this is through an inspection conducted by qualified, highly-trained inspectors.

Upon inspection, recommendations will be made in the report of findings which will be made available typically within 48 hours. For more information or to schedule your annual inspection and maintenance, feel free to contact us or call 864-480-7680. We look forward to working with you.