Tower Installation

ComSite Construction has extensive experience installing self-supporting towers, monopole towers, guyed towers, radar towers, and customized structures by all major tower manufacturers.We have successfully installed communication towers, radio towers, MET towers, High Voltage Towers, Radar Towers, AM Towers, STL Towers, RVSS Towers, Guyed Towers, and Self Supporting Towers on most continents and in severe weather conditions.

A guyed tower is generally more economical. But the need for a small footprint can make the self-supporting tower the better choice for a given application.

Not sure which tower product you really need? We are here to help. Feel free to contact us (or by phone 864-480-7680) for more information.

Here are some aspects of the ROHN self-supporting towers (which we can supply):

Design Philosophy

  • Maximized strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Bolted design for ease of assembly.
  • Completely assembled with basic tools using modular sections.

Triangular Tower Structure

  • Low weight.
  • Rapid assembly.
  • Small site footprint portal solution.

Patented Andrew Solutions Crimp Leg Design

  • Reduced number of connections per tower.
  • Simplified the assembly process.


  • Standard angle sections.
  • Readily available.
  • Low cost.
  • Protective galvanizing eliminates corrosion problems associated with pipe sections.


  • Fabricated to tightest tolerances with CNC machining equipment
  • Low cost and accurate.
  • Welded in controlled factory environment.
  • No specialized manufacturing required.

Transport and Storage

  • Ship in 20 ft containers to minimize freight cost, ease storage and handling.
  • Maximize the weight capacity of a container before the volumetric capacity.
  • 20 ft containers handle easily for warehouse storage.

The National Electrical Code, NFPA 70, provides communications system installation requirements in Chapter 8. Other NEC Articles may also apply, especially those in Chapter 5. The IEEE provides many communications-related standards. If you go to the IEEE Website’s Standards library and select “Communications” you will see these. It’s a huge list, but only certain ones will apply to your specific application.

Some state and local authorities have additional state requirements. Check with the Authority Having Jurisdiction to determine which, if any, state and local requirements apply. Do you need help figuring out the design requirements, applicable standards, or tower selection criteria? Feel free to contact us at 864-480-7680 to schedule an appointment or email us your requirements and an engineer will get back to you shortly.

From ten foot tall structures to over one thousand feet tall, our certified tower climbers are ready to take on your challenge. Feel free to contact us at 864-480-7680 to schedule an appointment or email us your requirements and an engineer will get back to you shortly. If this is after normal business hours, feel free to call 864-357-0284.