Telecommunications Tower Installation
ComSite Construction has extensive experience installing self-supporting towers, monopole towers, guyed towers, radar towers, and customized structures by virtually all major tower manufacturers. Our teams provide:

Antenna Tower Site Inspections and Structural Analysis

Our standard inspections for maintenance include: a site visit with climb, visual inspection including foundations, hardware check, inventory, and color photo-documentation reports. These professional reports provided are bound, extensive, and easy to read. All antenna tower site reports and foundations analysis reports have detailed color photos.

Client's Reports

Our extensive customizable reports are accurate and easy to read. Inspection reports, engineering reports, structural analysis reports, installation detail documentation are just a few of the professional reports that we provide both electronically and paper copied, according to our customer’s needs.

Repair and Maintenance

ComSite Construction specializes in tower and foundation maintenance, analysis and repair, structural analysis, installation, troubleshooting, repairing and removal of antenna systems and their structures. By using various testing techniques, our ability to cost-effectively manage tasks in the field has proven to be an invaluable client service.

  • Structural upgrades
  • Foundation inspection and analysis
  • Plumbing and tensioning of guyed towers

Obstruction and Safety Lighting

We also provide installation and service of various types of standard incandescent, medium, high intensity strobe and LED obstruction lighting systems. These systems may be utilized for antenna towers, utility transmission line and cooling towers.

Grounding and Lightning Protection

Our crews utilize the latest techniques for the installation and servicing of grounding and lightning deterrent systems. The latest Motorola’s R56 standards and specifications are typically used as our guidelines for quality installation standards.

Sweeps and Line Testing

Our personnel are trained in TDR and FDR transmission line and antenna testing with a variety of sweep testing devices. Documentation is provided in chart or report form for reference and analysis. All testing is done with either an Anritsu Sitemaster (TM) or equivalent machine by a factory trained specialist. Custom sweep testing and documentation is also available. Feel free to contact us at 877-202-3963 to schedule an appointment or email us your requirements and an engineer will get back to you shortly.

Microwave Structures

Since 1979, ComSite Construction has been responsible for the implementation of large microwave systems and radar towers. Our expertise with microwave system antennas and their associated waveguide, our availability to microwave systems engineers and specialists make us the prime choice for installation of our customer’s critical systems.

Microwave includes all types of applications:

  • Public Safety and Simulcast Systems
  • Broadcast
  • Cable Headends/Premium Service Providers
  • Utilities
  • Data Transfer

Feel free to contact us at 877-202-3963 to schedule an appointment or email us your requirements and an engineer will get back to you shortly. If this is after normal business hours, feel free to call 847-312-3072.