ComSite Construction is a leading SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System and advanced telemetry solutions provider. Our strength is in designing modular innovative solutions for customers in the energy, chemical/petrochemical, utilities, broadcast, and transport industries. Feel free to contact us at 864-480-7680 to schedule an appointment or email us your requirements and an engineer will get back to you shortly.

xscada.jpg.pagespeed.ic.DaCCjnMd5bWe provide these SCADA services:

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Monitoring and Control of Fixed and Mobile Assets
  • Intelligent Monitoring
  • Intelligent Automation

We have design and installation experience in:

  • Tipping and testing
  • Programming and Configuration
  • LAN and WAN equipment, computer terminal services, CSU/DSU‘s hubs and switches
  • Network Management
  • Internet Installation of 56Kbps, T1, T3, OC1, OC3, OC12, OC192, OC768, orOC3072 Internet service
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of local and wide area networks
  • System moves, additions, or changes

We’ve installed SCADA in these applications:

SCADA for Energy, Building, and Facility Management

Intelligent monitoring and operation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting provide savings upwards of 20%. Users have secure access to information via cellular phones, PDA‘s, or personal computers.

SCADA Water & Wastewater

A remote water monitoring and control systems can be cost effective for even in the smallest applications.

  • Freshwater treatment and filtration control
  • Pump station control
  • Sewer monitoring and lift station control
  • Wastewater treatment plant process control

SCADA for the Oil & Gas Industry

ComSite Construction has installed SCADA solutions to meet the needs of the industry’s most challenging applications.

  • Production well fields
  • Pipelines/transmission systems
  • Storage facilities
  • Process/separation plants
  • Local distribution utility companies

SCADA in Telecommunications & Broadcasting Applications

We have installed and several remote site monitoring and control of many systems in the telecommunications and broadcast industries.

  • Transmitter monitoring
  • Remote control of transmitter changeover
  • Monitoring of primary and standby generator power
  • Security monitoring

Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution

ComSite Construction has installed a variety of systems currently in use in power plants, electric power transmission and distribution systems, and hydroelectric and wind turbine generator control systems.

Whether for a mobile or permanent installation, ComSite Construction can provide a system solution that will provide timely communications of critical data via cellular phones, PDAs, or personal computer.

SCADA stands for “Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition.” At one time, this was a specialized area pertaining mainly to electric utility power distribution and other wide area control networks. But through common usage, it has become much more inclusive. That said, SCADA is still used in reference to larger systems.

It differs from a DCS (Distributed Control System) in that SCADA refers to a system that coordinates, but does not control processes in real time and DCS refers to a system that controls, rather than coordinates, processes in real time. Another type of control methodology is the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), which has a huge overlap with DCS. Generally, PLC is smaller scale than DCS. And, generally, DCS is smaller scale than SCADA.

It’s common to coordinate multiple DCS and PLC networks/systems via a central SCADA system