Fiber Optic

Since 1992, we have provided fiber optic and Ethernet installation and repair services nationally and internationally to a variety of clients. We have earned a reputation as a reasonably priced, high-quality fiber-optic services provider.

ComSite Construction specializes in fiber optic splicing and testing services. We provide these services on-site year-round throughout the world.

Our Cable Placement Group provides cable placement nationwide (both long-haul and metro), FTTP and FTTH using “cable blowing.” We also perform Micro Fiber and Micro Duct installation.

We hold licenses for several states, plus we will obtain licensing in any state as needed or required for a client’s job.Feel free to contact us at 864-480-7680┬áto schedule an appointment or email us your requirements and an engineer will get back to you shortly. If this is after normal business hours, feel free to call 864-357-0284.

We provide such fiber optic services as:

  • Complete fiber optic splicing (fusion and/or mechanical).
  • Complete testing services, such as end to end, reel testing, splice loss testing, ORL, power meter/laser source testing, and WDMtesting.
  • Connectorization and polishing.
  • Emergency restoration and in-service “hot cuts”.
  • Custom cable assemblies.

We provide placement services, such as:

  • Duct/Cable plowing.
  • Place inner duct, manholes, fiber cable — all sizes.
  • Metro installs.
  • Long-haul installs.
  • Micro Fiber & Micro Duct placement.
  • FTTH & FTTP construction.
  • Rodding.
  • Duct proofing.

We provide special services, such as:

  • Engineering & design capabilities for “Design-Build Projects” from experienced OSP engineers on staff
  • ONT and UPS placement for IPTV/FTTH.
  • Premise wiring & cutover for FTTH & FTTP projects.
  • Premise wiring using Category 5, 6, coax and/or fiber optic cable.
  • Video cutover, including installation of set top boxes (STB‘s) for IPTV/FTTH.
  • Maintenance agreements which include our LAS program.
  • Lightwave Auditing Service.
  • “Hands-on” fiber optic training.

And we we offer specialized testing capabilities including:

  • OTDR.
  • PMD (Polarization Mode Dispersion).
  • CD (Chromatic Dispersion).
  • Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM).
  • Power Loss

Our technicians are continually training in OSHA and in our own internal safety practices. Our safety standards exceed many current regulations within the industry, and we continually upgrade our safety equipment.

Why are we able to offer a Three Year Warranty on Workmanship? We maintain (or upgrade, as needed) our equipment, but really it’s the people who make the difference. Our technicians have many years of experience and training to meet your expectations of quality and performance, yet they are continually training in OSHA, FCC, NRC, ESA and FAA regulations and recommended practices.


  • All our crew chiefs have more than 15 years of experience, and all are certified in Confined Space Entry and other key areas.
  • All employees are trained in trench and excavation safety.
  • Crews are given the resources to work on a client’s project, on the client’s timetable. We maintain and provide a complete up to date list of current equipment upon request.
  • All crews are fully equipped with communication equipment, visible light sources, power meters, tents, and complete manhole packages. The crews have additional tools and equipment on hand for the requirements of their particular environment or job situation.

Feel free to contact us at 864-480-7680 to schedule an appointment or email us your requirements and an engineer will get back to you shortly. We will gladly provide client references upon request.